Our Vision

School Vision

"Our vision is for our children to be happy and responsible young people who achieve their best."


Our Promise

Children can expect to: learn in a language rich environment; become confident and articulate learners; experience an inspiring and engaging curriculum and show respect for the rights of others.


School motto

Good, better, best, never let it rest until your good is better and your better best


To achieve our vision we need to achieve the following targets…

HPS Action Plan 2017-2018


Our Team

Senior Leadership Team

 Mrs Andrea Brown (Headteacher)

Ms Joanna Rousseau (Deputy Headteacher)       Mrs Sarah Nicholas (Deputy Headteacher)

Mr Greg Botrrill  (Foundation Leader)

Mrs Julie Blanchford (KS1 Phase Leader)

Mrs Hannah Jones (Inclusion Leader)


Foundation Team

Mr Bottrill (Foundation Leader)

Mr Lopez (Class Teacher)

Mrs Rose (Class Teacher)

Mrs Nequest (Class Teacher)


Year 1 Team

Mrs Hodgson

Miss Horman

Mrs Nequest

Mrs Hughes

Miss Wilton


Year 2 Team

Miss Jones

Miss Bennett


Year 3 Team

Mrs Blanchford

Mrs Ayres

Mrs Sercombe


Year 4 Team

Mr Hasler

Mr Pickering


Year 5 Team

Miss Sansom

Mrs Hanger


Year 6 Team

Mr Genders

Miss Buckingham

Mrs Piggott


Teaching Assistants

Miss Bulley, Mrs Chick, Mrs Quick, Miss Gibbins, Mrs Gocher, Mrs Hatcher, Mrs O'Toole, Miss Page, Mrs Pike, Mrs Smith, Mrs Spence, Mrs Turner, Mrs Vincent, Mrs Wheeler, Mrs Young


Specialist Teaching & Support Team

Mrs Fyffe (Pastoral Manager), Mrs Ferry,            Mrs Hooper, Mrs O'Toole, Mrs Quick,                 Mrs Warren, Mrs Ayres, Mr Graham, Miss Ward, Mrs Crozier


Office Team

 Mrs Yvonne Jefferson - Senior Administrator     Mrs Sue Jones - Administrator

Mrs Heather Teasdale - Administrator


Kitchen Team

 Mr Andy Large (Chef)   Mrs Kim Smith (Catering Assistant)   Miss Hayley Retter (Catering Assistant)


Meal Time Assistants

Mrs Bailey, Mrs Bird,

Miss Cornwell, Miss Davis, Miss Evans,, Miss Gibbins, Mrs Marler, Mrs O'Toole, Mrs Salter, Mrs Wheeler, Miss Wood, Mrs Yeoman, Miss McGrory-Redfern


Breakfast & After School Club

 Ms Davis   Miss Evans   Mrs Kingston  Mrs Warren   Mrs Quick


Bus Escorts

Miss Smith    Ms Page    Mrs Marler


Premises Team

Miss Chesire (Site Manager & Caretaker)   Mr Graham Perryman (Site Security)




 Michelle Perryman, our Chair of Governors, can be contacted via the school address or by email, chairofgovernors@honitonprimary.co.uk

Attendance at Governing Body meetings

Governor Information 2017

Declaration of Interest


The Governing Body assists the Headteacher and the staff to decide on the school’s aims and strategic improvement. They also have a responsibility to provide the Headteacher and staff with support, constructive advice and information and to monitor and evaluate the school’s effectiveness.


The Headteacher and staff are accountable to the Governing Body for the school’s management and performance.


The Governing Body is made up of volunteers. We have five Parent Governors, who bring their own expertise as parents. Three Community Governors who are invited by the Governing Body to become members as they have specific areas of expertise. Four Staff Governors, including the Headteacher, to represent the views and expertise of the staff. Three Local Authority Governors who represent the Local Authority.


At our last Ofsted inspection in February 2013 it was stated that,


'Governors know the school well, are determined to improve it further and hold leaders to account for the effectiveness of the school. They have a clear understanding of the school’s strengths and how well it performs in comparison with other similar schools. They understand the areas for development and work closely with the school to refine and implement the school improvement plan. They are regular visitors to the school and are individually ‘attached’ to specific classes. They understand well the links between teachers’ performance and progression through the pay scales and how underperformance is tackled. The governing body has an effective committee structure and individual governors’ expertise is used well, for example to ensure that the school’s finances are carefully audited and well managed. The governors have a clear understanding of how the pupil premium funding is allocated and its impact in improving levels of pupil attainment. Governors are kept well informed by the school’s leadership and also attend regular training so that they can fulfil their roles more effectively. They ensure that the school meets all statutory obligations, particularly those related to safeguarding and the safe recruitment of staff.'


The Governing Body meet at least once per term. Each Governor is also a member of a least one sub-committee. These committees which meet at least termly are:-


·  Action Plan Monitoring Committee


·   Resources Committee

For further information about being a Governor or any other questions please contact Michelle Perryman, Chair of Governors, through the school.

Governing body minutes, including committee minutes, are public documents unless they are confidential. Please contact the Clerk to the Governors, through the school if you wish to access them. 


The minutes of our meetings are available
 from the school on request.

Policies Continued...

Privacy Notice for Staff

Privacy Notice for Staff


Privacy Notice for Pupils

Privacy Notice for Pupils


 Freedom of Information Policy



Data Protection Policy



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